NZASM Klerksdorp Railway Station

The contractor for the station was Van der Ruit. Considered by De Jong, Van der Waal & Hadenrych (1989: 205-207) 'the largest and finest of its kind. ... an imposing and dignified edifice ...' of two-tone banded and articulated sandstone under iron '... a splendid example of the high quality of workmanship in the NZASM buildings.'

NZASM: Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorweg-Maatschappij

Artefacts (accessed 28 April 2016).
De Jong, RC, Van der Waal, GM & Heydenrych, DH. 1988. NZASM 100 : 1887-1899, The buildings, steam engines and structures of the Netherlands South African Railway Company. Pretoria: C Van Rensburg Publications on behalf of the Human Sciences Research Council.