Church Square

Originally designed by Vivian Sydney Rees-Poole, Church Square is surrounded by a collection of historical buildings by significant South African architects, including the Dutch architect and engineer Sytze Wierda (Raadsaal, Palace of Justice).
It is from this Square that the city grew, with the first church being built here in 1856. This church, however, burnt down in 1882 and its replacement was demolished in 1904 due to safety concerns. The centre now holds a centrepiece with sculptures by Dutch born Anton van Wouw, depicting President Paul Kruger and four boer-warriors. Still a well-known gathering point, Church Square is always bustling with activity.

Architects of surrounding buildings:
Percy Rogers Cooke
Wilhelm Johannes de Zwaan
John Ellis
Frederick McIntosh Glennie
William Hawke
George Esselmont Gordon Leith
Adriaan Louw Meiring
Francois (Frans) Soff
Sytze Wopkes Wierda

Architecture firms of surrounding buildings:
Baker & Leith
Cowin & Ellis
F. Emley & Scott
Phillip, Carmicheal & Murray
Stucke & Harrison
T.A. & F.R.E. Sladdin

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